Every now and then we get harassed by the cops ( not the E.L.A. Sheriffs 'cause they're cool and have better things to do out there) because of Government legislature turned laws. Vehicle default violations are all too common in the Lowrider industry. Being too low, having small tires, or driving while the frame is on the pavement, are potential violations we live with and understand. Unfortunately, there are other laws that come up in legislation from time to time that put the Government in the position to take the fun out of the hobby and sport of Lowriding; they may even earn the authority to take your Lowriders from your very own driveway! The government will try and make up laws, run them through legislature, get the proper votes, and then enforce the laws and the codes to prohibit Lowriders altogether. Unless we voice our opinions and vote against these people in office as well as their culturally biased proposed laws?we won't stop them. Please take some time and read our section about the laws that also pertain to all other car industries as well.

We all need to support each other!

"Why am I getting pulled over, officer?" Because you're a Lowrider!

Joe Ray