The National Roadster and Lowrider show in Pomona is showcased once again, as the Lowriders are becoming more recognized and complimented like never before. It was also nice to see other cars and clubs come out to represent not only their club names, but the movement of Lowriding in general. Please attend one of these types of shows, or go through these pages, as there are plenty of ideas to borrow from the Hot Rod and Lowrider worlds. A car enthusiast is a car enthusiast, so let's share some ideas with one another.

The return to the Cover is Trino Alfaro's even more "Cherried Out '64". One thing that you have to like about the car itself is that not only do you get to see the Impala displayed at a car show; the owner becomes your friend too! Equally as welcomed by his conversation as you are by his car, one chat with Trino will show you that Lowriding is his passion, and it's always cool to meet someone that is still head over heels for this sport.

Since we always try to "fight the good fight" and look for ways to improve the Image of Lowriders, we are proud to bring you a Doctor from the Groupe Car club as our featured " Roll Model." This is definitely the only doctor that might make house calls in a purple '58 Pontiac - but it's only fitting that our future Lowriders-to-be would be delivered, and brought into this world in style.

Until the next pull over
- Joe Ray

Editors Choice
Cover Car
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